Launch Day


First of all a huge thank you to the whole of the Surrey Smallholders Association Committee.  Without these guys and gals this event would never have happened.

Hollybush Rare Breeds kindly brought along the WP_20150927_011Wensleydale Sheep, Nubian and Pygmy goats, Magpie Ducks and Franconian WP_20150927_008Geese.  Hogs Back Paddock Services brought along their Lady Amherst and Red Golden Pheasants.  Whilst Wildcroft Rare Breeds brought their English Goats, Bronze Turkeys and the little brown hens!                                                            WP_20150927_012

All in all it was a great display and at one point we had a queue waiting to come through to see the animals which was great to see.

We had several new members sign up on the day with a significant number of other folk who were going to go home to sign up on line.

WP_20150927_015Luke Gates gave a demonstration on how to trim a sheep’s foot which, of course, included how to handle them and the rest of the team took it in turns retrieving escapee hens who had managed to work out how to get out of their pen, through the turkey’s pen and out through the sheep hurdles on the other side.  At one point it was akin to Chicken Run –  although, to be clear, there wasn’t a Mrs Tweedy in sight as far as we were aware!

So all in all a fantastic day and it was a pleasure to meet so many of you and share our idea of what the Surrey Smallholders Association could be.  We really hope that you make the decision to join us and look forward to seeing you at our first meeting on the 21st October at Merrist Wood College.

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