We are a membership Group of likeminded people who have combined our knowledge and experience to set up an Association which serves the needs and interests of existing and aspiring smallholders, whether smallholding is pursued as an interest, lifestyle or as a business.
Our aims are to improve the knowledge and skills of those interested in small scale farming and the countryside; to promote and support sustainable land use; to promote and support high standards of animal welfare and to contribute to relevant local and national consultations, representing the views of members and promoting members interests.

To find out more about membership click here

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you, We are hoping to move to a property in Surrey in the next 3 Months which has 3 acres
    and some stables and outbuildings, we hope to make the move back to smallholding life as we had a smallholding in Kent back in the late eighties.
    when membership is available and we know for certain that the move is on we would like to join
    Best Regards


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